Eating Korean Food in Milan – A Global City Promoting Multiculturalism

No matter Milan is the big city of Italy, one of the “world leaders” in delicious and famous dishes; people might be surprised of how multicultural the city is, not only in the number of foreign nationals living in the city but also in the number of multicultural food in the city. There are soContinue reading “Eating Korean Food in Milan – A Global City Promoting Multiculturalism”

Chinese Food – Roasted Duck

Chinese food, lots of people love them; they are famous around the globe and it’s just one of the famous choices in Asian Food Market. In the picture you can see one of the Chinese food I can never be bored of, Roasted Duck. I loved it when I lived in Indonesia, I love itContinue reading “Chinese Food – Roasted Duck”

Bak Cang ( Zongzi)

Have you ever seen this food? This is originally Chinese food called Bak Cang or Zongzi. It’s in a form of sticky rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. The rice inside usually contains meat such as duck, pork, or if you like it, you can fill it also with beef, like the one inContinue reading “Bak Cang ( Zongzi)”

Egg Foo Young (Fu Yung Hai in Indonesian Language)

Egg Foo Young is one of the most desired Chinese dishes, prepared mainly from egg and meat. The meat can vary, depending on what the eater likes, though originally, it’s based on ham though some people like me would prefer white meat like chicken and seafood such as shrimps or crabs. Literally, the word meansContinue reading “Egg Foo Young (Fu Yung Hai in Indonesian Language)”

Longevity Noodles (Important Tradition in Chinese Dishes)

Yes, Longevity noodles dish is one of the most important in Chinese traditions. It’s usually called as Sau mein (壽麵/寿面) in its Chinese Name. This dish is very important to be served especially during Birthday Celebrations of Chinese people (or also Chinese descents) to wish for long life and also good health (that will directContinue reading “Longevity Noodles (Important Tradition in Chinese Dishes)”