Potatoes and Tofu Cooked with Indonesian Balado Chili

When people asked me about what I miss from Indonesia as I currently live far from my country, the first thing that comes to my mind after family and friends is Indonesian food. No matter it is not yet as internationally famous as Japanese and Chinese food, Indonesians really have various types of dishes, fromContinue reading “Potatoes and Tofu Cooked with Indonesian Balado Chili”

Sicilian Spinach Fried Rice Balls and Potatoes with Chili Sauce

This is another tasty food I found from Sicily origin, Arancini, or fried rice balls. I’d even call that as Italian Onigiri (Japanese Rice balls) but the difference is that it’s fried and crispy. The variations can be different from one to another. In this pic, you can see that there’s rice with spinach insideContinue reading “Sicilian Spinach Fried Rice Balls and Potatoes with Chili Sauce”

Calabrian Chili – Spicy Food Lover

If there’s other thing I should tell about myself is that I’m one freak spicy food lover.  And not just some spicy food lover, what I mean with spicy is real spicy that usually many people don’t even bother to try. I’m often told, “Do you eat food with Chili or Chili with food?” JustContinue reading “Calabrian Chili – Spicy Food Lover”

Calabrian Chili

For those fancying spicy food, you’d want to try this Chili type from South Italy, Calabria. Calabrian chili is famous as the spiciest chili you could ever find in Italy. Some people doubt about the healthy fact of eating Chili. However, as long as it’s taken in a proper amount or as long as youContinue reading “Calabrian Chili”