A Taste of Switzerland in the Centre of Vienna

I know that I should have written first about my one-week journey in Vienna. However, let me start with the experience I had at a restaurant in Vienna. It’s not Austrian, it’s not German but it is actually a Swiss one. To me, this was actually the best place I tried during my seven daysContinue reading “A Taste of Switzerland in the Centre of Vienna”

Croquette – Yummy Potato Dish

Often it is very difficult to search recipes to cook everyday either for ourselves or for our family. There are so many recipes available online especially nowadays, with the development of technology. However, we still sometimes feel cooking certain dishes takes time and it is quite hard for people who do not really like spendingContinue reading “Croquette – Yummy Potato Dish”

Pizza Quattro Formaggi – The Best Pizza Choice for Cheese Lovers

For people who love eating cheese, this pizza might be the best to pick. Not only filled with one or two types of Italian cheese, it uses four types in its ingredients. As you can see, its name Quattro Formaggi literally means four cheese types in English. The cheese that the recipe uses include ItalianContinue reading “Pizza Quattro Formaggi – The Best Pizza Choice for Cheese Lovers”

Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food

When the fresher season like autumn has arrived, one of the most important things is to eat good food that can warm ourselves up. In summer, we ate lighter food as the weather is hot. On the other hand, seasons such as autumn and winter are the perfect moments to eat “heavier” stuffs like creamyContinue reading “Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food”

Bread and Italian Food Lovers, You Might Want to Taste Appetizing Piadina from Romagna

As we all know, Europe is famous for its delicious breads. Every European country has its own special bread to consume. Especially in Italy, bread is one of their main carbohydrate sources. You can find so many kinds of different breads in this pizza and pasta country. Talking about breads, do you know that theyContinue reading “Bread and Italian Food Lovers, You Might Want to Taste Appetizing Piadina from Romagna”