Berlin – Your Modern Urban City to Opt for Holiday

My trip to the biggest city of Germany happened last summer 2014. I know the post may have been quite late. However, even if I’m just writing about the fantastic Berlin at the moment, the memory of the visit still goes strong in my mind. This city has made me get in love with GermanyContinue reading “Berlin – Your Modern Urban City to Opt for Holiday”

A Nice Day Trip in Bremen that also Perfected My Summer Holiday

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the day trips I chose while I was visiting Hamburg was Bremen, where there are two magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The journey with train from Hamburg took longer than it was to Lubeck as I spent around an hour to arrive. However, I should sayContinue reading “A Nice Day Trip in Bremen that also Perfected My Summer Holiday”

Lubeck – The City of “Wonderland”

The Hanseatic City of Lubeck might be one of the most impressive cities of Germany. When I first arrived at this historical city, I directly understood why the city has been listed as the world heritage of UNESCO. My first impression while I was walking along its streets and looking at its buildings was thatContinue reading “Lubeck – The City of “Wonderland””

The Miracles Square of Pisa – One of the Most Outstanding Architectural Complexes Ever!

Everyone in the world knows about the Leaning Tower of Pisa as I knew about it from when I was little in Indonesia and it had become of of the places I wanted to visit other than Eiffel Tower when I grew up (and I did, yay!). This is without doubt one of the mostContinue reading “The Miracles Square of Pisa – One of the Most Outstanding Architectural Complexes Ever!”

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree :D

Christmas is coming soon in two weeks and decorating Christmas tree is always a Christmas tradition. To have a merry and joyful Christmas with the feeling of the Christmas athmosphere, it’s not uncommon to find Christmas trees around. People have it in their houses and, not only inside the houses, the cities with majority ofContinue reading “Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree :D”