Discovering Indonesian Culture in Milan

(A glimpse of what happened before the event) On June 23, I took part at Indonesian Night event in Milan as both blogger and staff. The organiser was government institution with whom I collaborate (Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre in Milan), helped by one of the biggest food companies in my country, Indofood. Concentrating on theContinue reading “Discovering Indonesian Culture in Milan”

How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015

I know the title sounds absolutely cheesy but hey, we’re now living in the modern era of technology where lots of things are done online, and I’m pretty sure that the internet stuffs will keep growing in both numbers and interests within the next years. I mean, almost everything are communicated online, informed online andContinue reading “How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015”

Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

Yes Facebook just celebrated its 10th anniversary today. I could say that I’m one of those who uses Facebook a lot.  Maybe most of you will be surprised but I use it like at least 5 hours daily, especially from early 2008. Why? I’ll explain further. Many people think that spending your time in FacebookContinue reading “Facebook’s 10th Anniversary”

Eating Organic Means Eating Italian (Italian’s Phrase)

“Eating organic means eating Italian” – This is the phrase I’ve heard. Well, it’s actually true because in Italy, it’s not uncommon to find organic food products in the market, either in the normal stores or in bigger stores such as supermarkets and hypermarkets. People usually say that Italians care a lot for what theyContinue reading “Eating Organic Means Eating Italian (Italian’s Phrase)”

The Differences Between Advertising and PR Plus How They Help Our Businesses

If we have a business, these tools are very important strategies to develop our business. The basic similarity of these strategies is that they are helping to get the company or business to get known by people, which will be our customers. But they are not that similar from one to another. How can weContinue reading “The Differences Between Advertising and PR Plus How They Help Our Businesses”