Lake Iseo – A Lovely “Spot” in Lombardy for Afternoon Relaxation

I have always thought that lakes are definitely magical places to be for refreshing the mind. Especially that now the sunny days are staying for the next few months, lakes are some of the top destinations to visit when the sun is smiling. My journey this time took me to a beautiful lake named IseoContinue reading “Lake Iseo – A Lovely “Spot” in Lombardy for Afternoon Relaxation”

Sirmione – The Heart, Pearl and Beauty of Lake Garda

As Como has Bellagio, Lake Garda also owns Sirmione. It is widely known as the pearl and beauty of Lake Garda, located between The Province of Brescia (Desenzano del Garda) in Lombardy Region and The Province of Verona (Peschiera del Garda) in Veneto Region. To reach the center of Sirmione, you can take a shortContinue reading “Sirmione – The Heart, Pearl and Beauty of Lake Garda”

Loving Old City? Come to Brescia!

As Milan has always been one of the most visited cities in Italy, there are actually many other places around it to come for one day visit, which are around an hour journey from the big crowded city. Take as another example the historical Brescia, which is one of the great old cities in LombardyContinue reading “Loving Old City? Come to Brescia!”