My Simple Eating Style to Start Healthy Life

Often it’s hard to start healthy style and healthy habits. Even I admit that in the past, I used to eat more junk food as sometimes people say that the less healthier could be the tastier food. However life is short and to start little responsibility in life also could mean following the right lifestyleContinue reading “My Simple Eating Style to Start Healthy Life”

Italian Cappuccino – Famous International Coffee

For most Italians, coffee has been daily life that can’t be skipped. In every city from small to big one, it’s always easy to find bar and café (coffeehouse) to drink coffee from morning to evening. And the prices are relatively cheap and can make you come over and over again just to enjoy theContinue reading “Italian Cappuccino – Famous International Coffee”

The Healthy Facts about Kiwi

This is one of the most important fruits in my life. And I’m not even kidding. This small green fruit has helped my body a lot to function well. In fact, the main reason why I eat this fruit is for its great source of natural fiber that can help our digestive system. I usuallyContinue reading “The Healthy Facts about Kiwi”