List of Food We Should Never Give to Our Dogs

For fellow dog lovers, it’s clear that the thing we always want to do the most is spoiling our fur babies. Often, we would even give whatever they want, like food. Yes, food! Our dogs have all their cuteness shown at maximum level in order to get what we’re eating at anytime, our table food.Continue reading “List of Food We Should Never Give to Our Dogs”

Dogs’ Rules on Bed

Some people say that number one rule for dogs is, “Never let them on your bed, they are dirty with many viruses and bacteria”. Well, I disagree. I say, as I count him as my baby, no dog on bed doesn’t exist in my head. For me he’s the cutest little thing that I feelContinue reading “Dogs’ Rules on Bed”

What We Must Remember as Dog Owners and Lovers

Dogs are humans’ best friends. This makes us want them to be a part of our family. Dogs make us happy with their actions, console us when we are sad, protect us, and alert us when intruders break into our house. However, we often forget some basic things before we get a dog. As aContinue reading “What We Must Remember as Dog Owners and Lovers”