Call to All Beauty Bloggers Worldwide

Hello fellow Bloggers around the globe, Have you ever written for any Italian brand? Or to be specific, Italian organic beauty brand? I’m writing on behalf of a prestigious and luxurious Italian skin care brand. Today we’d like to give you a unique experience which you can’t say no to. We are Petit Jardin Milano,Continue reading “Call to All Beauty Bloggers Worldwide”

Be Youthful with Few Excellent Steps

For women, the most important thing is to look fabulous and youthful. Unfortunately, after having reached certain age, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain healthy skin without any imperfection. Wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles around the eyes, dry skin and some other issues become annoying problems that exist on our skin. When weContinue reading “Be Youthful with Few Excellent Steps”

The Stunning Antiquity of Milan during Autumn

The long history and the long age of Italy are certainly undoubted. Started long before Christ Era, the country keeps great history in it when you explore. One of its big cities is Milan, which is also known as one of the international and multicultural cities in the world Furthermore, it also has its ownContinue reading “The Stunning Antiquity of Milan during Autumn”

What Do You Think about Racism?

Racism, the discrimination to certain race, could happen anywhere. In the past, people thought that the usual racism always happened to the race that has the darkest color of skin, done by the race that has the brightest color of skin. Some people even use the term black and white. But you know what, inContinue reading “What Do You Think about Racism?”

What Do You Think About True Love? Does it Really Exist?

Love seems to be very pure, soft, honest, sincere, and whatever seems to lead to happiness. However, do you really believe that true love really exists? Or, at least, do you believe that there are still many true love happenings in the world? I myself can still count them with ten fingers. Love nowadays happensContinue reading “What Do You Think About True Love? Does it Really Exist?”