Bali for Your Summer Holiday, Why Not?

Previously I wrote about Bali, the island of Gods or Pulau Dewata in Indonesian language. It is always the perfect place to visit in Asia for you who adore sunbathing and beach holiday. The sunset in each beach is romantic and beautiful while the sunrise is simply energizing to start every new day. Especially inContinue reading “Bali for Your Summer Holiday, Why Not?”

Balinese Hairpins and Earrings

This is some of the cool stuffs (for me) that I bought at Fiera Artigiano today, the Balinese’s artistic handmade earrings and hairpins. Not only they show the design of lovely local culture in Indonesia, they are also very unique and pretty. The hairpins I got include a carved turtle, swan, and sun at eachContinue reading “Balinese Hairpins and Earrings”