Bottega Verde, Italian Nature Inside Beauty Products

As promised, here is my first review of Bottega Verde products after buying them as a new customer around two weeks ago. So, I came there to buy a perfume though with a special coupon from their website, I got a free body wash as bonus (and not only that). First impression, they have aContinue reading “Bottega Verde, Italian Nature Inside Beauty Products”

Coffee, Not Only Tasty as Drink but Also Useful as Beauty Care

Undoubtedly, coffee is a favourite drink for many people around the world. In my birth country, Indonesia, coffee is like a friend that accompanies us daily to support and lift us up. Its aroma is often what keeps us awake and brightens our mood in early morning. Not different, in the place where I liveContinue reading “Coffee, Not Only Tasty as Drink but Also Useful as Beauty Care”