Sicilian Pizza

This is another type of Italian Pizza. Pizza is one of the famous alimentations in the world, not only in Italy. Born and created the first time in Naple, Pizzas have become an important tradition in Italian culture and dishes. In this pic, you can see the type of thick pizza (Pizza Alta) that comesContinue reading “Sicilian Pizza”

Tuscan Cheeses

As I’ve mentioned earlier, cheese is an important alimentation in Italian culture. Not only providing various cheeses, Italians also produce wonderful flavours of cheeses hard to find in any other countries in the world. Today I present to you some of the cheeses from the Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy (withContinue reading “Tuscan Cheeses”

Italian Olive And Olive Oil

Yes these are very common in Italian’s alimentation culture, Olive and Olive Oil. Olives are common to be served as additional food before main dish or served in the dish such as pasta. In Italian culture, they use olive oil a lot to cook their food or even just adding it to salad or pasta.Continue reading “Italian Olive And Olive Oil”

I Dolci Italiani – Sweet Cakes, Cookies, bread, dried bread, etc

It’s not Italian without its Dolci. Dolci means sweet in Italian word (plural). In this term, it means all kinds of sweet desserts or cookies or cakes that Italians could eat after main dishes, in the morning, or at tea times. Trust me, even if you don’t like sweet stuffs, when you try Italian sweetContinue reading “I Dolci Italiani – Sweet Cakes, Cookies, bread, dried bread, etc”

Salami and Wine

Salami and Wine are two important things in Italian culture and food. Daily consumed by most Italians, they become important parts of Italian tradition throughout the history. Of course wines are available in most countries in the world. But there’s no doubt that Italian wines are one of the most famous ones. ** picture wasContinue reading “Salami and Wine”