Pandoro – Another Yummy Italian Christmas Cake

I published earlier about the most Italian Christmas Cake called Panettone that can be varied with various fillings such as fruit pieces, raisins, and many other things else, even a creamy and lovely Pistachio cream. Now, I’d like to introduce you the other type of Christmas cake that’s just as famous as Panettone. This ChristmasContinue reading “Pandoro – Another Yummy Italian Christmas Cake”

The Presentation of Indonesian and Albanese Young Ambassadors about Expo 2015 and Milan

Here is my own presentation in Italian language along with my colleague from Albania to express our views about Expo 2015 in Milan and the city itself that is very multicultural with global citizens from many countries of the world. Our points in the video for non-Italian speakers are that this Expo will host forContinue reading “The Presentation of Indonesian and Albanese Young Ambassadors about Expo 2015 and Milan”

Expo 2015’s Young Ambassadors Presentation from Various Countries

Hi Guys, kindly check this video presentation about Expo 2015 done in Chinese, Albanese, Portuguese, French, Romanian, and Indonesian language. Maybe it’s hard to understand but we’re inviting you all to come to the Expo 2015 as this event is very important to promote food  and clean water sustainability as there are still more orContinue reading “Expo 2015’s Young Ambassadors Presentation from Various Countries”

Calabrian Chili

For those fancying spicy food, you’d want to try this Chili type from South Italy, Calabria. Calabrian chili is famous as the spiciest chili you could ever find in Italy. Some people doubt about the healthy fact of eating Chili. However, as long as it’s taken in a proper amount or as long as youContinue reading “Calabrian Chili”

The Sicilian Cannoli

In the picture, you can see one of the famous desserts in the world from South Italy, Sicilian Cannoli. Made of Ricotta (a type of Italian cheese), the makings can be varied with different flavours such as chocolates, hazelnuts, or even pistachio. Sicilian Cannoli will give you the tasty delicious and sweet dessert you alwaysContinue reading “The Sicilian Cannoli”