La Pizza Mare Monti (The Pizza of Sea and Mountains)

Continuing the journey of lovely healthy dishes, I am now writing for all pizza lovers in the world. This was a yummy delicious pizza that I luckily tasted yesterday for my New Year’s dinner. Located in Milan Area near a subway stop, a pizzeria called Stop has created this lovely pizza to offer to itsContinue reading “La Pizza Mare Monti (The Pizza of Sea and Mountains)”

Salmon and Spinach Lasagna

This might be a little bit different from the usual Italian Lasagna recipe as normally, the regular Italian Lasagna would use normal ragu made of beef meat. However, in this pic, I’ve got the chance to taste this amazing particular Lasagna in Italy, which is composed of Salmon & Spinach. I know that possibly some ofContinue reading “Salmon and Spinach Lasagna”

New Chinese Young Ambassador

Progressing on our duty as Young Ambassadors, accompanying my duty and all the first Young Ambassadors, here comes another lovely Chinese Student who’s also ready to dedicate her time to spread the messages of Expo 2015, working hand in hand, together with all the other Young Ambassador. Let’s welcome Du Wan Lin 🙂 For furtherContinue reading “New Chinese Young Ambassador”

The Presentation of Indonesian and Albanese Young Ambassadors about Expo 2015 and Milan

Here is my own presentation in Italian language along with my colleague from Albania to express our views about Expo 2015 in Milan and the city itself that is very multicultural with global citizens from many countries of the world. Our points in the video for non-Italian speakers are that this Expo will host forContinue reading “The Presentation of Indonesian and Albanese Young Ambassadors about Expo 2015 and Milan”

Expo 2015’s Young Ambassadors Presentation from Various Countries

Hi Guys, kindly check this video presentation about Expo 2015 done in Chinese, Albanese, Portuguese, French, Romanian, and Indonesian language. Maybe it’s hard to understand but we’re inviting you all to come to the Expo 2015 as this event is very important to promote food  and clean water sustainability as there are still more orContinue reading “Expo 2015’s Young Ambassadors Presentation from Various Countries”