Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View

In the last few days, I keep posting about Lanzo D’Intelvi on my social media pages. However, I notice that I haven’t posted anything about it on my blog to provide detailed information. So, here it comes. I came to this place last Sunday while guiding tourists who stayed in Milan for three days. AfterContinue reading “Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View”

Como, Como, Como … Why Do I Never Get Bored of You?

Lake Como is absolutely my most favourite lake in Lombardy. There are of course many other beautiful lakes in Lombardy such as Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lecco etc. However, the beauty of Lake Como continuously charms me over and over again as a tourist destination no matter I’ve visited it quite many times. I just never get bored of Lake Como Not only it is only anContinue reading “Como, Como, Como … Why Do I Never Get Bored of You?”

Visiting Lake Como? Then, Bellagio Must Be On Your To-Do List

I’ve come to Lake Como for many times and I’ve always admired the gorgeous view around the lake. However, I feel that my journey to Lake Como was finally completed when I visited the Pearl of Lake Como. Yes you know it, Bellagio! Located around an hour and a half boat trip from Lake Como,Continue reading “Visiting Lake Como? Then, Bellagio Must Be On Your To-Do List”