Entering the Magic Kingdom of Harry Potter

For those of you who live in Milan or in Lombardy Region (or you are just there) from May to September 2018, this might be your best chance to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter exhibition has come to town and tickets can be booked easily at a very affordable priceContinue reading “Entering the Magic Kingdom of Harry Potter”

Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View

In the last few days, I keep posting about Lanzo D’Intelvi on my social media pages. However, I notice that I haven’t posted anything about it on my blog to provide detailed information. So, here it comes. I came to this place last Sunday while guiding tourists who stayed in Milan for three days. AfterContinue reading “Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View”

Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany

The first time I went to Expo 2015, it was quite a quick journey from one pavilion to another. I only had few opportunities to visit the countries’ pavilions from 7 p.m. as in the morning and afternoon; I was attending a sustainability conference at this universal exposition. Fortunately, I’ve had other chances to visitContinue reading “Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany”

Wandering at Universal Expo 2015

Finally I had the opportunity last Friday to witness the history that Milan is making this year, hosting the universal exposition which participants come from countries around the globe plus international organizations like the United Nations and European Union. The theme brought to the event is the global issue that we are facing now andContinue reading “Wandering at Universal Expo 2015”

More Experiences on Italian Food, Especially as One of Pasta Lovers

I have always been a pasta lover. I remember when I was still living in Indonesia; I used to choose pasta dishes among all the menu everytime I went to Italian restaurants or restaurants that serve Italian food. Now that I have a favorite place in Milan to go for dinner, I am always willingContinue reading “More Experiences on Italian Food, Especially as One of Pasta Lovers”