Is WordPress Good Only for Blogs?

In the last few years, creating websites with CMS (Content Management System) is the trend. Most people nowadays use CMS to build and develop their websites. The CMS platforms they use are diverse: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla (the three most famous ones). WordPress was actually a well-known platform utilised to create blogs in the beginning.Continue reading “Is WordPress Good Only for Blogs?”

Choosing a Brand Ambassador

Having a Brand Ambassador that represents your company or your organisation for branding is normal. You collaborate with people, usually famous people, so they can improve your public image and reputation. Take as an example, the latest decision of Barilla, who has picked Roger Federer (arguably the greatest tennis player) to become their Global BrandContinue reading “Choosing a Brand Ambassador”

Why Blogging Was, Is and Will Always Be Important

For me blogging has been important from the first years this communication strategy was invented. You may say that I state it because I’m a blogger. However, it is not true. If you have noticed the development of communication and marketing world over the years, you will notice that blogging is always a crucial strategyContinue reading “Why Blogging Was, Is and Will Always Be Important”

Marketing Strategies That Will Scare People

Marketing strategies could go overboard just for desperation to increase sales and profits. Sometimes, profit entities could do anything they consider possible to make their targets achieved. As one of marketing and communication professionals, I could understand that. There’s nothing that can make us happier than increasing the profitability of what we’re working for. However,Continue reading “Marketing Strategies That Will Scare People”

What You Can Write on Your Blog or Article Page

Company or organization blog is often written daily or at least twice a week. I remember when I was still working in a web hosting company, I wrote and published an article or at least a blog daily on the company website so that the web visitors could get benefit and spend quality time fromContinue reading “What You Can Write on Your Blog or Article Page”