About Dewi Wihardja

IMG_20181104_164542_101Hi everyone, thanks for visiting this page!

My name is Dewi Wihardja. I finished my study in July 2014 at University of Milan in Italy with maximum vote (110/110 cum laude), majoring in Master of Arts in Public and Corporate Communication and specializing  in Social and Public/Governmental Communication.

I was born on one fine Christmas Day in 1984 at Jakarta  and I moved to Italy in August 2011. My professional experiences deal with Public Speaking, Presentation, Web Communication, Copy-writing, Public Relation, Editing and English – Indonesian – English Translation.

I worked as a Web Copywriter of a web-hosting company in the past. My work included Market Research & Report, Creative Copy-writing and Web Communication. Briefly, I worked as the SEO Copywriter and Business Development.

From September 2013 to October 2015, I took part as the Communication Manager of Young Ambassadors’ Brand as a member from Indonesia, a youth development program under Vitality, a social organisation in Italy.

In addition, I helped and contributed as an independent Digital Media Strategist and Copywriter, collaborating with various Indonesian government officials in both Milan and Rome from 2015 to 2018. I concluded the last project in October 2018.

Since 2008, I have been working in web communication field, with experiences in diverse private and public entities: American, Italian and also Indonesian. My specialisations are in SEO writing, social media management and also translation.

I have a little dog called BEI – Bello E Impossibile that weighs around 6 kg. He was born a Yorkie Terrier, though he’s quite outside the normal standard.

Thanks for your time on my website and I plan to write interesting posts for all of you who kindly spend the time here. I hope that you would enjoy my posts and that they could be beneficial for you.

My Interest

If I have to list one by one, there will be too many to list, so I’ll just state those that are very important for me and that could attract my attention:

SEO, copywriting and web communication strategies and Public Relation

– Tourism, especially significant historical and cultural sites

– Animal rights and environment sustainability

– Women empowerment

– Food, health and nutrition

– Multicultural environment

– Collaboration on similar interests

These issues are what I most likely will write here. If you consider that they are also important for you, please feel free to follow and subscribe.

Additionally, if you think you have the same interests with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any collaboration you’d like to propose as I’m open to ideas.

You’re more than welcome to click contact me button, fill the contact form or simply send me an e-mail to dewi@wihardja.org  🙂


Dewi Wihardja




  1. Hi Dewi,

    My name is Jerry Winata, I am the communications officer for world food programme in Indonesia. Congratulations for being selected as the youth ambassadors for the Milan EXPO. Since the UN theme for this year is Zero Hunger, I am wondering if we work together for example for you to blog about Indonesia’s food security & nutrition (in English & Bahasa) once the Expo starts. I would like to invite you over to our office for further discussion if you’re free end of Jan?

    Jerry Winata


    1. Thank you! He’s called simply BEI to make it simpler though I’m often asked what BEI means 😀

      Yes I really like Lecco and Como plus the famous Bellagio indeed, all are stunning places 🙂


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