Your Italian Doorway to a Whole New World

I always suffer greatly in summer. I know it is weird. I was born in Indonesia, a tropical country but I can’t stand the heat there. So, when I finally moved to a four-season country, Italy, it was kind of relief as extremely hot temperature lasts only two to three months max, peaking in July and August. Usually, when August holiday time arrives, I always found my escape for some time to fresher destinations in other European cities.

This year, as we have all noticed, the situation isn’t appropriate to go abroad. With new disease that has no specific cure yet, it is inconsiderate to do certain stuffs. Therefore, this year, I booked a place at a breath-taking mountain destination just two hours away from where I live, Milan (by car drive). When I reached the spot, it was as if I just opened a doorway a completely new world, absolutely stunning.

This Italian region is named Valle D’Aosta and the comune where I stayed is called Valtournenche…

Not only wondrous, the temperature there was also perfect for me, especially when it was July, the hottest period in Italy, around 20 to 25° Celsius in the day and 13 to 16° in the night. I was there only for four days, just a long weekend trip. Nevertheless, it was really memorable and I would totally love to return back without hesitation.

When I was there, these were the three incredible spots that I saw as impeccably splendid:

Blue Lake, Breuil-Cervinia

Having clear water with blue to turquoise color (explaining the name), this lake is truly fantastic as it shows mirror reflection of the sky and also of the Matterhorn in the water.

To add to its excellence, there is also spacious green grass area where you can bring and put your picnic blanket, stop, and simply enjoy the view all day while nipping some snacks.

Maen Lake (where I rented the Bed and Breakfast)

This was the first lake I went to when I stepped my foot on the first day at Valtournenche. It was three-minute walk from the Bed and Breakfast, very comfortable for a relaxing walk on a sunny day.

For fishing lovers, it is permitted there seven days a week from April to October even though for further information, you may have to contact the local authorities there.

Place Moulin Dam

I know this is not a natural lake but it doesn’t reduce its beauty and charm. Place Moulin is one of the biggest dams in Europe and is located in Bionaz. Constructed between 55 to 65 years ago, this lake is almost 700-meter long and as high as 155 meters. It is able to contain around 100 million square meters of water.

Other than visiting these magical spots, I also had the luck to explore and try the local dishes variety there. After, I was more than convinced and contented about the quality. However, that is another story to tell for another day. 😊  

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