Why Bruges Is Unskippable If You Come to Europe

I visited Belgium in summer 2018 and managed to make day trips to several cities there. It is a shame that I just have the will to write about them one by one at the moment, after 3 months of pause. Sometimes, even bloggers also have this period when they seem unable to compose good articles for their readers.

And yep, that was me in the last three months. But now, I am back! Though before, I will greet you first, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! May this year bring prosper, happiness and everything good to us!

So, let’s start with one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with stunning bridges, Bruges. I was there for a day and I was really amazed with how gorgeous the city was. The only minus was only that I came there during a cloudy day. Nevertheless, it didn’t reduce its charm at all.


Bruges is around an hour of train away from Brussels. With lots of bridges and canals, this city is often considered as the Venice of the North. And just like in Venice, it will be fantastic to take a boat ride to explore its marvellous view.

Here, you can enjoy the luxury of medieval era: from its cute historical architecture to superb canals that fill the entire city. In fact, the city attracts more two million visitors yearly and you can also discover every spot of its excellence by walk as each corner is a story to tell. And of course, the historic centre has been inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage list since 2000.

When you are in Bruges, make sure that at least these five are on your DOs list:


  • The market, located in the heart of Bruges, city centre. At this spot, you can see various outstanding old buildings from different centuries. So, make sure that your camera and smartphone work perfectly to capture the beauty of the surroundings.
  • The heavenly Belgium chocolates. As you know, the Belgians are absolutely famous for their yummy chocolates and when you make the trip to Bruges, the city will never disappoint you.
  • Distinctive Belgian beers. Once, a friend told me that Belgian beers are the best. I trusted her surely. But when I finally came to Belgium, I just realised even more than she is 1000% correct. In Bruges, you can find some of the world’s finest breweries.
  • Great long walk at those canal sides and bridges. Looking for unforgettable pictures for your Instagram stories and posts? Bruges will give you what you need!
  • Museum and church. Not only canals and Belgian delights, you can also explore awesome museum and church in Bruges, if you are a big fan of churches and museums. Take as examples: The Groeninge Museum that offers the history of Belgian arts and the Church of Our Lady, which dates back from between the 13th to 15th century and which has a tower with more than 100-metre high.


Are you still not convinced enough? Well these images might help you to realise that it is completely unskippable if you visit Belgium. Or, better to say, unskippable if you visit Europe.

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