Wandering through Italian Food Excellence at Cibus 2018

This year I finally utilised the pass that I received every two years for one of the biggest international food fairs in Italy, dedicated for B2B. The event is named Cibus, which was from May 7 to May 10. The prestigious event was hosted in Parma, a fabulous Italian city in the northern region, Emilia-Romagna, famous for its ham, cheese and lovely countryside.

Here, at the food fair, you could enjoy the stroll through food excellence from the host country and other countries as well. I got free pass for all four days though I unfortunately had to just pick a day since I have a project to manage and finish by next Monday. In the end, I came on Tuesday, May 8.

At Cibus, they prepared events for food bloggers and media every single day and all the events were quite interesting. The day when I came, on Tuesday, there were three events to attend though the ones that impressed me were only two out of three, the first and the third one.

An All-Italian Story between Events, Communication and Passion

The first event was held by Sacla Stand, an Italian food brand founded in 1939 in Asti, the city where it still has its headquarters. Saclà, Società Anonima Commercio Lavorazioni Alimentari, began to develop under the guidance of its founders, Secondo “Pinin” Ercole and his wife Piera Campanella, who initially dedicated themselves to food production and sale in Piedmont. However, after having achieved great success, they expand the distribution throughout Italy.

During Sacla event on Tuesday, five Italian food bloggers were challenged to make a quick dish in 7 minutes by using Sacla’s products. Each blogger got a different box and they had to be ready to think fast about what to make as the time was short. And I should say that they indeed were fantastic in finishing their tasks as their innovative dish creations were both instragammable and delicious.

(You can rest assured even by looking at the slideshow below)

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Visit them on www.sacla.it

La Vita È Saporita (Life is Tasty)

The third event was held by Rizzoli Emanuelli who produces fresh fish products. Here, the star of the day was Fabio Potenzano who performed his excellence as an experienced Chef and proved the delicacy plus quality of Rizzoli. During the cooking box event, the Chef prepared two dishes, an appetizer and tasty pasta with fresh products from the brand.

The concept of their food products is based on three principles: sustainability, traceability and quality. Their materials are carefully selected and they concentrate on transparency in communicating their products to public. Their motto is simple: reputation before profit and quality of the products above all things. These keys have made them genuine and sustainable for more than 100 years, since 1906.

After the cooking show, media representatives and bloggers received an awesome bag filled with their products to taste. The samples consist of two types: their regular fresh fish products and the organic version of the products. As one of the bloggers present at the show, I honestly feel very happy and lucky to have received such products.

I seriously can’t wait to try them and tell you all about my opinion on them. Well, actually I have tried some of them when the two dishes were prepared by the Chef at the stand during Cibus. However, if they still taste fantastic, which I’m sure they do, even when they are prepared by a normal non-Chef person like me, then there is no doubt anymore why they are sustainable all these times. So, hope you’ll read my review when it’s ready. For more info, go to www.rizzoliemanuelli.com

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