Travelling in Japan

The memory of my second travel to Japan is definitely unforgettable no matter my visit was in November during cold windy days. People usually prefer to come to this country to see its beautiful Sakura blossoming in April when it is sunny and blue.


My first two opportunities to go to this lovely country came in December (2009) and just a couple of weeks ago. However, no matter I haven’t seen gorgeous Sakura yet in April, I dare to say that the travel was completely worth it.

This time, I came all alone (the one in 2009 was together with my mom). Coming by myself, I had the chance to wander and learn new stuffs about the life of Japanese, that I always find very interesting and inspiring for daily life (Japan is the first foreign country that I fell in love with and that I’m still in love with).


After my days there, there is no doubt why they are considered as the politest society by worldwide population. Here are some stuffs that I observed from Japanese:

  1. It is one of very few Asian countries who ban or don’t consume dog meat (the others are maybe are Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore).
  2. They are extremely friendly and polite (always bowing head, even the conductor does it before entering compartment on trains).
  3. Even if you make mistake (like losing the train or your head hitting the upper part of their shop, they were the ones asking sorry. I’m really amazed).
  4. Everything is so organized and clean (even if there is almost no trash bin in the street, especially in the rural areas).
  5. Extra disciplined and no train is ever going to be late (learning it the hard way).
  6. House doors in rural areas usually have no lock, where culture and tradition are often still strong and original.
  7. Their dishes are outstandingly wonderful. No doubt why Japanese dishes are known for their cleanliness, design and quality. Its biggest competitor for me is Italian food (this might be why foods from these two places are always very expensive when they are bought outside their home countries).


I was honestly and literally sad when I had to leave the country and I hope to return as soon as I can there. For now, here are more photos from my trip 🙂 (Next on my blog will be stories about the food).

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