A Taste of Switzerland in the Centre of Vienna

I know that I should have written first about my one-week journey in Vienna. However, let me start with the experience I had at a restaurant in Vienna. It’s not Austrian, it’s not German but it is actually a Swiss one. To me, this was actually the best place I tried during my seven days in the city.

To begin, I should say that it was really hard for foreigners who don’t speak German to find great Austrian restaurants in the city, especially in non-centre area. In the centre, the restaurants are mostly commercial ones for travellers and I didn’t find any that seems very Austrian. Though there are a lot of fake Italian restaurants there! Be careful.

When I found one that seemed to be a good Austrian place and not too close to the centre (Stephan Platz), the staff doesn’t speak English and wasn’t even friendly at all. Honestly, I feel that it was a lot easier for me to find great restaurants in German cities or in Prague.

This is why I was really happy when I found Chamaleon, a taste of Switzerland in the centre of Vienna. You can find it in Blutgasse 3, 1010, Vienna, around three to five mins walk from the Cathedral (depending on how fast you walk). I regret that I haven’t tried its main specialty, the fondue. However, even if I didn’t try it, I actually ate a lot of good stuffs there.

Other than the fondue, the other main specialty of the restaurant is also the cheese. I ate at the restaurant twice in Vienna and tried two types of cheese, Fried Emmental (with various salads) and Sbrinz with boiled potatoes and butter.


And don’t get me wrong, these are not the only cheese they offer. For the complete Swiss specialties, please refer to this menu link. For the dessert, they also have the usual Austrian cakes such as Sachertorte and Apple Strudel. While for the drink, I had for once, organic beer available in the menu.

Overall, my experience was really good here. I had nothing to complain at all. The restaurant is lovely (completely designed in Swiss mode), the person there is really friendly, the location is in the centre, the dishes are fantastic and the prices are very normal. You can find their Facebook page on this link.

My opinion? This place is perfect for those who want a quality restaurant with good price and very friendly service, highly recommended for both foreign travellers and locals (who want to have Swiss lunch or dinner). I hope this review would be helpful 😉

*I will write my complete journey in Vienna in another post next week. Stay tuned!


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