The Maestro Did It Again! Wim8ledon Completed!

In the last four years, Roger Federer reached three finals of the most prestigious tennis tournament. I remember how much it broke my heart when he lost the finals against Novak Djokovic in 2014 and 2015. I remember how sad I was when he lost to Milos Raonic at the 2016 semi-final and how he succumbed to his injury in the next six months.

However, Roger never stopped to beli8ve. I even never stopped believing in him, regardless many of his matches have made me become nervous as I always want to see him win, especially in final matches of Wimbledon. I watched his match for the first time in 2009. From that time, I always support him. I supported him when he had ups and downs. I didn’t care when he became no 1 or no 16.

I supported him in 2013. And even when he took months of resting last year after the loss from Raonic for injury, I waited him patiently as I knew he would come back strong. And indeed, he won Australian Open 2017 after 6 months off, 5 years distance from his previous Grand Slam title (Wimbledon 2012).

Today, Roger Federer just made another history in men’s tennis, something that none has ever achieved, winning the most prestigious tennis tournament for eight times. This one tastes really good, not only because he now has 8 Wimbledon titles but also because he has won it by not losing even a single set, first in the last forty years (after Borg did it in 1976).

It was also amazing as he achieved it as a tennis player of almost 36 years old as he will turn 36 on August 8, 2017 (in less than a month), meaning that he’s the oldest winner of Wimbledon in the open era. Today, Roger Federer has just written another history and added another Grand Slam trophy to his collection.

To me he’s such an inspiration, an incredible player (considered by many experts as The GOAT of tennis – Greatest of All Time), awesome human being with his charity activities and wonderful husband (loyal to the woman who’s been with him, from when he had zero title to now when he has 19 Grand Slam titles) plus father of four fantastic kids.

To close my post, I will put his quote today for motivation, “if you keep believing, you can go far in your life”. Thank you for such inspiring words Roger. I will do. Congrats for your 8th Wimbledon and for your 93rd title.

Below you can find Wimbledon 2017 final highlights and the post-match ceremony.

*Featured Image Credit: from Wimbledon’s Official FB Page

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