Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View

In the last few days, I keep posting about Lanzo D’Intelvi on my social media pages. However, I notice that I haven’t posted anything about it on my blog to provide detailed information. So, here it comes. I came to this place last Sunday while guiding tourists who stayed in Milan for three days.

After having explored some places in Milan, we decided to go to Lake Como on the second day. And when we finished having lunch, our wonderful drivers, from Taxi Black and White, had this fantastic idea to visit Italian Balcony, Lanzo D’Intelvi or Sighignola, as for sure our tourists would feel amazed and delighted with the choice.

Certainly, they were right. Located at 1.4 km above sea level in the Province of Como, Lombardy Region, Lanzo D’Intelvi has no more than 1500 people living in the area, a total of 10 km2. This is a very quiet and peaceful area, reachable only with a car. Indeed, when we were there, there were only three other visitors who were enjoying the view.

The balcony itself is Italian area. However, when we look down at the lake located below, it is actually Lake Lugano, Switzerland. This is why when I posted on my social media channels, I kept saying Italian balcony with Swiss view, as it is literally like that. The mountains that we can see on the bottom actually separates the territories of Switzerland and Italy.

I honestly doubt if this place is as well-known as Lake Como. But you know, it doesn’t mean that it has no gorgeous view just because it is not as crowded as Lake Como yet. If you love mountains and fresh places with peaceful atmosphere, you should definitely come here. Though remember, bring your jacket so that you won’t feel cold there.

The tourists that we brought there mentioned that it is really an unforgettable destination with breath-taking view. For this, we really had to thank the drivers, Claudio and Roberto. Even I didn’t know this place yet until last Sunday.

The drivers, not only that they brought us to this spectacular place, they had been very nice to the tourists and friendly as well. They acted not only as drivers but also like lovely friends for them and were very helpful.

That’s why the tourists decided to take them to France and Switzerland to continue their tour in Europe. While I, unfortunately, had to work, making me refuse their invitation to guide them outside Italy. So, my journey ended when they left for Paris.

What’s your opinion guys? Do you like Balcony of Italy?

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