Discovering Indonesian Culture in Milan

(A glimpse of what happened before the event)

On June 23, I took part at Indonesian Night event in Milan as both blogger and staff. The organiser was government institution with whom I collaborate (Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre in Milan), helped by one of the biggest food companies in my country, Indofood.

Concentrating on the theme, “Spice Up Your Business”, it was the perfect occasion for Italian businesspersons and investors to get to know our country better: the tourism, the culture and of course, famous Indonesian dishes.

The event started with opening speech by our new Ambassador of Rome, Ms. Esti Andayani and various presentations from the Director of ITPC Milan, Mr. Agung Pramudya, and partners (Turkish Airlines, official Photographer and Italian Chef). In addition, guests also enjoyed fantastic Indonesian traditional dances.

Enrico Masseroli. Photo by: Stefano Romano

What was amazing was that the traditional dances were performed not only by Indonesian entertainers but also by an Italian dancer who loves our country and has learned the dances for thirty years. Enrico Masseroli danced excellently, dressing up with the authentic customs for the performance.

Furthermore, lucky guests also had the chance to get roundtrip business class tickets for Milan – Istanbul – Milan, which credit we should give to ITPC Milan’s partner, Turkish Airlines, who also came to present their company during Indonesian Night. Giving also positive point of view were the official Photographer, Stefano Romano, and Chef, Fabrizio Millione.

Stefano told his opinion about Indonesian people and about experiencing our alimentary tradition (eating with hands and the happiness of staying together). Moreover, Fabrizio talked about utilising Indonesian spices in preparing Indonesian dishes. I would like to add that all the dishes prepared during Indonesian Night, which pictures you were about to see, were all cooked by him.

Actually, in this event, not only guests could enjoy our authentic cuisines, they also could participate at business clinic session. At business clinic, diverse government officials from ITPC Milan and Indonesian Embassy of Rome provide consultation about importing goods from Indonesia and investing in our country.

Indonesian Night was ended with elegant dinner in buffet form that included complete meal experience from appetizers (vegetable spring rolls), salad (gado-gado), first courses (noodles, fried rice and white rice), second courses (beef rendang and chicken gulai) and certainly, numerous Indonesian desserts (onde-onde and other traditional cakes). To complete the wonderful dinner, the Chef also performed cooking demo of our fried rice, one of the most famous Indonesian cuisines.

(Sorry for blurry video, it was live so it depended on the internet connection)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And before the guests went home, they were accompanied with a nice goodie bag, filled with two ready spices (between rendang, gulai and fried rice) plus two types of instant noodles. These alimentary products are made by Indofood and I will review them on the next post. So, what do you think guys? do you like our event?

Goodie Bag

(Some opinions about our dinner, buono – good 😉 )

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