Is WordPress Good Only for Blogs?

In the last few years, creating websites with CMS (Content Management System) is the trend. Most people nowadays use CMS to build and develop their websites. The CMS platforms they use are diverse: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla (the three most famous ones).


WordPress was actually a well-known platform utilised to create blogs in the beginning. However, in the present, many have started to use it to develop professional websites. Often, they are criticised because WordPress is considered good only for blogging. Is it though?

I should say, YES. But, let me finish. I would answer that yes, it is good for blogging only if you don’t know much about the platform. However, believe me, WordPress is no longer only for blogs. Maybe at (in the free version, only paying for domain name like mine), you get very limited option without plugins.

Nevertheless, if you have the professional / business option, you will be able to get all to create an awesome website. And keep in mind, there is also WordPress.Org version (usually offered by your web hosting as one-click-installation app).

What Are Plugins?

They are unlimited number of applications on WordPress that you can download, install and plug into your website, depending on your needs. They are so many that you will keep learning new things every single time. You need photo or video slider? Just search, download and install it. You need Google Analytics tool? Do the same.

You need E-Commerce? Now WordPress has WooCommerce for online shops. Not only these, there are still other stuffs that you can search, download and install on WordPress plugins list (content views, embed tools, newsletters etc).

For me, with free plugins, you can build a great website, with 99% of your wishes granted. I say 99% because some free plugins have limited tools compared to the paid ones. In addition, some also keep their logo shown in the free version.

But, if you don’t mind about the plugin developer’s logo, no problem then. And, if you’re ready to pay for plugins, I assure you that you will be able to get 100% of what you want out of WordPress, the website of your dream.

Only That?

Nope. With WordPress.Org, you will also have unlimited free themes to use for your website, according to what you want. There are so many that sometimes, users feel confused about the best one to pick. Just think about what kind of website you want to build and your industry. This will enable you to select the right theme for your site.


Remember also on WordPress.Com, if you select Business Plan (a bit expensive), you can edit the “Powered by WordPress” and Free WordPress Blog. While on WordPress.Org (which is cheaper as it is included in your web hosting package), you can simply go to theme editor and edit the footer code. With theme editor, you can modify not only the footer but also the entire theme.

Having everything that WordPress offers, I have no idea why people still think that WordPress is only good for blogs. For me, the answer might be simple, they don’t really know the platform yet. So, guys, try to get to know it. I’m sure you’ll be in love. It is the most popular CMS in the market.

My website or let’s say blog ( is on However, when I will need a real website, I wouldn’t think twice in selecting WordPress.Org. For some websites that I created with WordPress.Org, you can check and



  1. What problems do you most often have to solve in your work?


    1. With WordPress I almost never had any problem, mostly only more Time necessary in finding the right plugins for the website that I develop with this CMS 😊


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