Stop: Calabrian Restaurant in Milan Perfect for Spicy Food Lovers

It was the evening after I had a nice afternoon at Lake Iseo. When I returned to Milan after a lovely walk, I felt hungry and thought a great dinner would be a big help. My first choice was the restaurant where I always went the last few months near Corso Buenos Aires in Piazza Oberdan.

Spaghetti della Casa con Salmone e Caviale

Unfortunately, that evening, the restaurant was closed. Therefore, I had to go somewhere else to have dinner. After having thought for a while, I suddenly remembered the Italian restaurant where I went once to eat New Year’s Eve dinner.

It was not far away from the restaurant that was closed. With only two subway stops or around 15 minutes walk, I could reach the restaurant. This Italian Restaurant is called “Stop”. In addition, it does make a lot of visitors stop by the place to dine.

Located in Piazzale Loretto and exactly right behind Corso Buenos Aires, the place is easy to find and reach. When I arrived, the seats outside were full as it was nearly summer, so many prefer to have their meal outside where they could also enjoy the air.

Inside, the seats were already half full with the customers were watching the flat screen TV available as there was the football match between Real Madrid and Juventus. Not left behind, even the owner of the place was watching the match with the customers who were standing in front of the bar.

Then, I began to explore the menu list. The restaurant offers various and classic Italian food from appetizers to desserts like salad, pizza, pasta dishes, risotto, steak, seafood and cakes.

My eyes fell on the list of pasta della casa, which means homemade pasta, as they usually provide great and special quality. After browsing the list of this part, my heart went for the dish named Spaghetti della Casa con Salmone e Caviale (Homemade Spaghetti with Salmon and Caviar) as I wanted a menu with seafood that evening.

Special homemade Chilli Sauce
Special homemade Chilli Sauce

When the dish was served on my table, I knew directly that the taste would be absolutely delicious even before I ate it. After I tried the first bite, I realized that I was completely right. The creamy taste was perfect. Moreover, not like the regular service, the restaurant gave abundant amount of salmon and caviar into the pasta.

Usually, some restaurants would put more pasta than the salmon and caviar. However, it was not the case here as the composition of the ingredients was balanced. In addition, the service went even better for me. On that evening, they made special homemade chili sauce.

I am always a spicy food eater. Therefore, the complementary service that I did not expect totally has gained my admiration and love for the restaurant. Not only the chili sauce was tasty, it is also spicy according to my spicy level preference.

So, that day finished in the perfect way. After having had a wonderful afternoon at Lake Iseo, I also had a wonderful evening at a fantastic Italian restaurant. And, if you guys are in Milan or come to Milan, you can always find this Stop restaurant that will stop your searching journey for a dining place in Via Abruzzi 93. Enjoy! 😀

Pappardelle con Gamberi (Pappardelle with Prawns)

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