Bottega Verde, Italian Nature Inside Beauty Products

As promised, here is my first review of Bottega Verde products after buying them as a new customer around two weeks ago. So, I came there to buy a perfume though with a special coupon from their website, I got a free body wash as bonus (and not only that).

First impression, they have a neat store (the one at Milan Central Station) though unfortunately, I had no time to look around quite much as I had to chase my train. So, I was ready to pay the perfume I bought (Neroli) but then, I decided to make my personal card (that will be useful in the future).

After paying for the product, they gave me some mono-dose products: Iris perfume, hydrating face cream with berries and anti-aging face cream with argan oil. Considering I have tried all of these free gifts, now it is time to give my opinion about them.

Iris Perfume


My first impression when I smelled it at the first time was that it was elegant. Having a strong odour, you don’t need to use it excessively as it lasts long (just like most good quality perfume).

For me, it doesn’t smell cheap either and is perfect for both special occasions and even daily use.

This mono-dose size allows us to use it for around five times as just like I mentioned, it has strong smell and it will be useless to use it more than we should.

Just move it to a small bottle to make sure the smell doesn’t disappear after some days (as you can’t keep it inside its mono-dose packaging).

Anti-Aging Face Cream with Argan Oil


Who doesn’t know the beauty benefits of argan oil for anti-aging treatment? Called as liquid gold by New York Times, this has been a very crucial extract for many anti-aging products.

For the Bottega Verde’s cream, my first thought was that it has soft smell, which is good as I don’t appreciate strong one in face cream.

A mono-dose size can be used three to four times and after using it, I realised that my face skin turned soft at least for the next twelve hours. I used this one before sleeping (for night cream) as they say, the best period for skin cell to regenerate is while we are resting.

Hydrating Face Cream with Berries


I actually like cosmetic products with fruit extracts. And this one that they gave is enriched with berries. Designed for dry skin, I felt that it hydrated my face well, making sure that my skin appearance doesn’t look dry.

Honestly, I don’t have dry skin in summer, so I prefer this one for colder season if I will use it again in the future (like autumn or winter).

I have just opened it yesterday and used it two times as day cream. So, there will be around two more uses to finish this product. My thought as a new customer of this brand, I like it. They have great products and also fantastic customer service to make sure new customers return again.

Ah, before leaving the store, they also gave me three €10 coupons with expiry date from one to three months. This guarantees that I will be able to use each of them every month and what’s nice is that it only requires €20 minimum purchase for each coupon. It is like 50% discount at least for every purchase.

Overall opinion about this beauty brand? Satisfying quality, excellent customer service and wonderful offers. I think this sufficiently describes them as a new customer 🙂

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