Now Italians Produce Instant Noodles Too!

Instant noodles are common alimentary products in Asian countries. In Japan, China, Korea and my country Indonesia, instant noodles are one of favourite main food or snacks of the people. In Indonesia, we have various brands that produce them, such as Indomie, Supermie, Mie Sedap etc.

However, in the last one to two years in Italy, I notice that even now Italian companies produce instant noodles. You can see well-known brands like Buitoni and Star that usually produce pasta or ragu also now make these products.

Actually, I have no idea why they must start producing “Asian pasta” since Italian pasta products are excellent and really famous worldwide. I suppose, maybe they also want to provide one of the favourite products of their Asian customers in Italy?

Just for info, there are so many Asians in Milan itself (Chinese, Philippines and quite some Japanese, Thai and surely, Indonesians).  Or, perhaps, they consider that noodles are also delicious food that can suit Italian lifestyle since they are very similar to spaghetti.

No matter what the reason is, I have finally bought five instant noodles products of Buitoni last Monday. I bought three products of Yakisoba (Japanese type of noodles with chili, chicken and normal flavour) and two other types with curry and chicken flavour (to be cooked in broth).

I’m not sure about the taste yet because I haven’t tried any of them. However, considering that they are Italian products, I’m sure about the quality. You know, Italians are always aware of the quality of any product they make. Whatever it is, alimentation, furniture, fashion etc, they certainly have high standard for production. Especially food, rest assured that they always pay attention in keeping the good quality.

Before I close this post, here are the looks of Italian instant noodles made by Buitoni. I will update on my social media channels regarding the taste. Make sure you follow me there 🙂

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