Choosing a Brand Ambassador

Having a Brand Ambassador that represents your company or your organisation for branding is normal. You collaborate with people, usually famous people, so they can improve your public image and reputation.

Take as an example, the latest decision of Barilla, who has picked Roger Federer (arguably the greatest tennis player) to become their Global Brand Ambassador. Everybody knows Federer, not only for his achievement in tennis but also for his humanity in helping others plus his elegance.

However, when the budget is tight, brands can collaborate with powerful bloggers, in exchange of free products, free vouchers and even free hotels or meals at restaurants (for Travel and Food Bloggers).

Both ways are effective, especially in 2017, where the web communication is everything. Collaborating with both famous people and powerful bloggers with thousands of followers is the right solution.

No matter which of the two suits your company or organisation best, it is always important to select well, with whom you will collaborate and entrust your brand. Certainly, the best for your company might not be the best for others and vice versa. First of all, think and consider carefully about your mission and vision before deciding the partner you’re going to collaborate with, as it will be a great influence for your public image and reputation.

For example, a fashion brand will want to collaborate with someone who really knows fashion, dresses nicely and understands how to give tips about style. In the case of Barilla which sells food (authentic Italian pasta), it is important to show that your food product is the best for everyone and not harmful to health.

And therefore, it is important to choose athletes to represent their brand since they require good nutrition to compete well. Honestly, is there any better choice than Roger Federer to prove that?

Furthermore, a beauty brand will select someone who knows how to protect their skin health and youthful look so they can give beauty tips to others, especially about the brand they are collaborating with.

Additionally, a Travel and Food Blogger will be able to give great tips about restaurants, hotels, great food and amazing places to visit, promoting destinations they collaborate with. The list goes on.

Again, as a company or an organisation, you will want to select perfectly the Ambassador that will represent you. It depends on yourself. Example, some very strong brands (the ones that I’ve seen) will include all types of people to represent them and to express their acceptance in all types of diversity. Nevertheless, some others will not consider this step, as they think differently and maybe, it will be risky and ruin their reputation.

The most important thing to choose your Brand Ambassador is with careful thought regarding your company: the objective, goal and philosophy of your company or organisation. You don’t have to follow others.

There is no brand that is completely the same with other. Think about your uniqueness and what’s different about you. Good for others might not be good for you. On the other hand, good for you might not be good for others. So, have your own plan and execute it well.

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