First days

This time, I would like to dedicate a post for my little dog. I have been adopting a yorkie terrier for four years so far.

He arrived in my life in march 2013 as a big puppy of 11 months. During his first months, I remember how sad he was after a thought that his first human mother had abandoned him. However, it wasn’t like that.

In his first months with me, I remember how difficult and choosy he was with food. I remember how he was also quite cold with me and always looked at the door often, wishing that his first human mother would come back to bring him home.

His first smile though, came when I brought him to a park in Milan with a friend. He ran free and laughed, having some good time and maybe, just forgot the sad fact that he had to change human mother. After that, his first great happiness came, when I brought him to Paris, for the first summer holiday together.

At a Park in Milan
Happy in Paris

After August 2013, he realised that I would be his forever human mom. After August 2013, he began to live happier with better mood every day. And from that time on, we always go on summer holiday together, plus maybe some short walks in beautiful places in Italy: Como, Cremona, Lecco, Pavia, Varenna and many others.

In Stresa

Many people (but many don’t) still choose to find a pet sitter to take care of their dogs when they go to summer holiday. However, that will never be a choice for me. Every time summer comes, searching and selecting pet friendly cities and hotels are always a yearly ritual for me.

In Lubeck

It’s not because that it’s an obligation. For me, it’s simply because it’s a normality, as he is a part of family. Saying that, it’s more than normal to have family with me when I’m having holiday. Now suddenly, it is already 2017. Soon, we’ll have to start looking for another pet friendly cities for summer again. I honestly can’t wait for that 😉

Four years together with my yorkie terrier, I have to say that I’m always grateful for having decided to adopt him and welcome him as my family member. It’s a huge joy for me, whenever I go home from work in the evening and find him welcome me as if he hasn’t seen me for days by wagging his tail excitedly, every single day. He’s real remedy for my fatigue and tired feeling.

148987274854552 (1)

In two days, he’ll turn five. The only thing I wish for him, is that he lives a long healthy and happy life with me, hopefully until at least twenty years old.

And yeah, we’ll keep travelling together buddy, everytime we can. I love you so much BEI, my fur baby, my lovely dog.

*For this, to close my story, I really have to thank Allevamento Opera Prima in Cuggiono,  (Province of Milan, Lombardy, Italy), the breeder from who I adopted him, for having given me nice years and for having trusted me with the yorkie that I’m sure she deeply loved. Thanks for giving me the chance to take care of him.

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