Lovely Italian Restaurant Near Milan Central Station

The name of the place that I would like to write today is Il Cerchio, a Tuscan restaurant located near Milano Centrale (the train central station of Milan). The exact address is in Via Galvani 15 and you just need to walk around 5-10 minutes from the station, depending on how fast you walk.

Once you arrive, you will find friendly staffs and various types of dishes on the menu: appetizers, pizza, first course (pasta and risotto), second course (different steaks and seafood) and of course, desserts. The way they present the menu is quite unique, because it is on a normal printed paper. I suppose they use normal paper as there are different menus of the day every single day.


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Another good thing to talk about the menu is that the prices are acceptable. You know that sometimes you find unreasonable prices at restaurants in Milan, especially when they are located in the centre of the city or reachable easily with subways or trains. Well, this is not the issue that you will find here.

And I’m not talking only about the food. Even for the drinks like beer, wine or just simply water, you will see that the prices are just normal and great. For example: a large Italian beer costs just €3.5 and half bottle of wine costs €4.5. A 500-ml bottle of water costs only €1. Many restaurants in Milan will cost you at least €5 for a large beer and €6 for half bottle of wine.

For the food, they taste delicious. You know, when people mention that the character of Tuscan food is simplicity, they get it right. The pizza is served with the right size (not too big or too small), the pasta dishes don’t feel heavy for digestion and nobody can ever complain about the Tuscan steaks they offer (though for the steaks, I never order them since I eat only white meat).

Moreover, to complete the meal, you can choose any of their varied desserts, which change from time to time. Additionally, you can also close your meal with good Italian liquor, like limoncello, or maybe with Italian coffee. For me, this place is one of the satisfying restaurants you can find in Milan.

In this restaurant, usually I order pizza with cheese or seafood, or pasta with seafood. The first time I came there was in the last quarter of 2013, for a group meeting and thankfully, someone proposed this place. Even if I live in the Province of Milan, whenever I come to the city and need a place to go for dinner, I know that I can always count on this one. Certainly, if they are not closed on the day I want to have dinner in the city J

Therefore, if you are really looking for a nice Italian restaurant in the city centre where you can spend time with friends or families, for dinner after working or even for meeting, this could be the right place. And, if you need a fine Italian place where you can enjoy appetising food with decent prices and affable staffs, Il Cerchio is the place you should try.

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