Amazed Again, by a Man Named Federer

This Roger Federer guy never ceases to amaze the people around him, fans or non-fans, it’s hard not to admire this 35 years old tennis legend, husband, father and wonderful human being. Many people, even experts and journalists had written him off for so many times.

Many people thought that losing grand slam matches in the last three years against the ex-world no 1 Novak Djokovic had proven that his grand slam would have stopped at 17 and he no longer had his winning instinct against top players in big tournaments.

1485698467119However, today on January 29, 2017, Roger Federer has proven everyone wrong. Today, after around three hour final and nervous morning for me, Roger Federer added another important title to his career.

Not only he just cemented another history in tennis, he also showed that nobody should ever underestimate him, no matter he is no longer twenty years old and no longer in top five.

On today’s final, the victory felt so fantastic, as he played with his greatest and most difficult rival, Rafael Nadal, who has big advantage in their H2H number. The match was a special one and was a thrilling five set match, with Federer winning it 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3. Federer himself said that it was different, it was wonderful and that,

“This one stands alone, in its own category. It’s a beautiful moment in my career. It all started for me here, I always loved coming back. I hope to see you next year but if not, this was a wonderful run.”

Not only that his 18th grand slam title was won against his hardest competitor, Rafael Nadal, this title also arrived as the 17th seed of the draw, after his absence from tennis for six months, from Wimbledon 2016, after a long break from bad injury.

By winning this Australian Open 2017, Roger Federer becomes the only man who has won at least five titles on each of the three grand slams: Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Furthermore, he is also the only player who has won a grand slam by defeating 4 top ten players in one tournament: Tomas Berdych, Kei Nishikori, Stan the Man and Rafa Nadal.

And additionally, he becomes the second oldest player to win a grand slam title, right after Ken Rosewall. Today, let’s bel18ve on Federer became bel18ved. Another day has passed, another tennis history has been written, by a man named Federer, who just won his 89th title, his 18th major.

Nevertheless, the Australian Open 2017 has taught us one important lesson, never write off a legend, or worse, two legends, no matter they have had rough time in the last two years. 2017 looked like 2007, where Fedal, made another grand slam final together, after many people said they were over.

2017 has just started and the 2017 tennis season has just begun. I hope Federer’s journey doesn’t stop here. Or better, I hope we can bel19ve again. Who knows, maybe at Wimbledon? Though even if he is happy with 18, then we, his real fans, are happy too with 18.

And for Rafa Nadal, God of Clay, I hope you make h15tory soon, at French Open, or maybe by now, we may call it Rafa Open, because as we know, he is the only ATP player who has won 9 titles in a grand slam.

Good luck to both of you, Fedal. I wish you two a marvellous 2017.

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