Kerupuk, Important Complementary Food in Indonesian Dishes

Kerupuk is very important in Indonesian dishes. I’m sure many of you ask what that word is. One sure thing is that it is necessary to accompany many famous dishes you know in Indonesia, like for example, nasi goreng or fried rice, nasi uduk or coconut rice, nasi tumpeng or yellow / turmeric rice and many others.

Prawn Crackers

Many of us even consume it as snacks for its crispy and tasty flavour. Kerupuk, even if it sounds like a word without meaning, is actually pretty common even in other countries. In English, they may recognise it as crackers or crisps.

In Indonesia, we have various types of kerupuk. The best quality one is those who are made from prawns or fish. Authentic prawn or fish crackers in Indonesia can cost around € 7 to € 10 per kilogram. It depends on the brand. However, many also make simple crackers from flour, which usually cost a lot cheaper than those made of fish or prawns.

Regardless of which cracker type Indonesian people choose, kerupuk is a necessary complement in many dishes. Other than for rice dishes that I mentioned above, we also consume it for other Indonesian dishes, including Soto, rice congee, meatball etc.

Indonesian dish with Kerupuk

The preparation is very easy. To cook kerupuk, we just need to fry it. And just to add, high quality kerupuk or those coming from excellent brands in Indonesia usually don’t absorb too much oil, no matter it is cooked by frying.

In addition, if we buy good quality ones, especially for those with fish or prawn flavour, we can really taste the fish or prawn contained in them. For this I can guarantee that they are really delicious and wonderful as complementary dish.

So guys, whenever you come to Indonesia, I really suggest you, if you try Indonesian dishes, never forget to accompany them with kerupuk, especially, the high quality ones.


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