Why Blogging Was, Is and Will Always Be Important

For me blogging has been important from the first years this communication strategy was invented. You may say that I state it because I’m a blogger. However, it is not true. If you have noticed the development of communication and marketing world over the years, you will notice that blogging is always a crucial strategy in every business, organisation and even for professional individuals.

At first it was considered as like an online diary. Nevertheless, with the passing years, blogging is no longer only an individual thing as it used to be. In professional and business world, nobody can escape blogging if they want to grow and succeed. Let me tell you why.


It Helps Us to Express Ourselves

No matter we are an individual professional, an organisation or profit businesses, blogging helps us to tell about ourselves.

It gives us space to express our ideas, thoughts and point of view regarding different things. And this helps people to know us better.

In businesses and organisations, it helps to tell your mission and vision, plans and objectives you have, making it easier to market yourselves and easier for clients or partners to make decisions if you are what they’re looking for.

It Drives Traffic to Websites

Often a blog is a blog site. But, there are so many business and organisation websites that have blogs as additional feature on their main websites. This section will be the place where they can talk to people about things related to their business or organisation and not only about products and services.

They can tell people about tips, routines or even the progresses that the company or organisation has done. If readers find what the company writes interesting, they will not think twice to come back again to visit the website.

It Increases Your Credibility

When you keep writing about the things that your company or organisation has been fighting for or when you keep telling people about suggestions or tips that they need to know about, blogging will also show your credibility.

From what you write, people will know that you know what you’re doing, that your company or organisation is whom they can count on when they need something that you can offer them, regardless of many competitors out there.

It Helps You to Find More Customers or Clients

Believe it or not, by writing routinely through blogs, (as I mentioned in point one), you will help people decide if you’re what they’re looking for. And in businesses and organisations, this means if your products and services are what they are looking for and if your mission and vision offer them something beneficial for their lives.

If you do blogging right, new clients will keep coming. From the website traffic and visitors that you have gained, you can convert them into something else, but only, if you do it right.

And of course, this works not only for profit businesses but also for non-profit organisations. In non-profit entities, telling people about your progresses and activities in your blog for example, often will convert the readers into donors, especially if they share the same mission and vision with you.

You are still not sure about the power of blogging as marketing strategy? Then I think you’ll be amazed with how many famous and well-known brands that write blogs or even collaborate with external bloggers who can help to promote their brands.

In my opinion, blogging was, is and will always be significant in communication world. It is a powerful strategy in online marketing and as you know or as you may have noticed, online marketing is the present and the future of communication world.


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