Call to All Beauty Bloggers Worldwide

Hello fellow Bloggers around the globe,

bloggerHave you ever written for any Italian brand? Or to be specific, Italian organic beauty brand? I’m writing on behalf of a prestigious and luxurious Italian skin care brand.

Today we’d like to give you a unique experience which you can’t say no to. We are Petit Jardin Milano, Italian organic beauty care based in the Province of Milan. We are looking for international bloggers anywhere on this planet.

By becoming our beauty bloggers, you have a rare chance to spread the words about awesome beauty products that have got 20 authorised distributors in various countries. By joining our family, you have the chance to talk about skin care that does care about skin.

Before you decide, let us tell you a little bit of Petit Jardin that will help your decision. PJ Milano was born with the idea to provide skin care that use only natural and organic ingredients coming from certified organic farm. Our products are certified by AIAB (Italian Association specified for Organic Agriculture).

100% Made in Italy, we don’t outsource our production. Everything is made in and comes from our country. You are not convinced yet about our brand? Then we suggest you to download Petit Jardin application from Playstore or Apple Store for free. With this app, you’ll be able to consult directly to our beauty consultant.

Based on augmented reality, we are the first in the beauty industry that provides our clients and distributors this smart app. After you download, the only thing you need to do is open the app and direct the phone camera right to the name of any product found in our catalogue that you’d like to know better.

A detailed video and our beauty consultant will appear on your screen and tell everything you need to know about the product you select.

Next Question is: How to Join Petit Jardin Family?

Easy. After you know about us, tell us about you. We would like to know about you: what you like to do, from when you became beauty blogger and why, what’s your inspiration, your favourite beauty brands, what kind of products you would like to review from us and how we can collaborate in mutual ways.

Are you fun, creative and do you love to write? Collaborate with us. By becoming our bloggers, you will have a fantastic chance to grow your professional career and visibility as a blogger with our support. You will be your own manager by working when you want and how you want it. All you need to do is simple, just spread the words.

For any further details or in case you don’t want to lose this amazing opportunity, please write an e-mail to or simply contact me.

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