Travelling to Prague

During summer 2016, once again I chose to visit one of the most beautiful European cities, Prague. It was not the first city in Czech Republic that I visited. Usually they say that the first is always the most impressive, mostly.


But I guess, to say that we visit Czech Republic, it should mean that we do visit Prague. There was nothing in this fabulous city that could stop me from being in love with it. The friendly people, great food, beautiful places like the castles and its ancient buildings and wonderful views from the river.

As one of dog lovers and a dog owner, Prague has made me even more in love with it. I admire how close Czech people are with dogs. Actually, before I came, I already heard how much the people in this country loved dogs. When I arrived there, I indeed saw how true it was. Dogs are permitted, almost everywhere!

Furthermore, the weather in Prague during August is also good, not hot at all. As someone who doesn’t like hot weather, searching the right city to enjoy during summer is important! It was between 20 to 25 celsius during the day while around 16 to 18 during the night, which were perfect for someone like me.


Not stopping there, as mentioned above, of course the food was awesome. I was amazed and happy that Czech food have duck dishes. It is honestly very difficult for me to find duck dishes in Italy, so enjoying some during holiday was quite nice πŸ™‚

Overall, after all these experiences with the gorgeous views, lovely people and delicious dishes, why shouldn’t I fall in love with this fantastic city? For those who love European cities, I encourage all of you to visit Prague, as it is clearly not to skip for those who enjoy travelling to excellent destinations.

Prepare your luggage and book your itinerary now πŸ˜‰

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