Coffee, Not Only Tasty as Drink but Also Useful as Beauty Care

Undoubtedly, coffee is a favourite drink for many people around the world. In my birth country, Indonesia, coffee is like a friend that accompanies us daily to support and lift us up. Its aroma is often what keeps us awake and brightens our mood in early morning.

Not different, in the place where I live now, Italy, cappuccino is quite necessary to complete Italian breakfast style to begin the day in a good way. Not only during breakfast with cappuccino, Italians also consume coffee after mealtime or during the day to refresh their mind.

However, other than as a delicious drink, are we also familiar (since I also have just discovered it) with coffee as an ingredient in beauty care program or in beauty products? The unroasted coffee beans of Arabica coffee, also known as green coffee are amazing natural sources that can improve the health of our skin.

Green Coffee

Why Is It So?

To start, these coffee beans contain 100% pure Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) and antioxidants that have wonderful effects for the beauty and the health of our skin.

It is because they help to protect the skin cells from damaging and aging too soon. Many researches have proven that green coffee beans  work as an effective natural ingredient that makes our skin look fabulous.

Next, green coffee is also effective in moisturising dry skin plus making it smooth and silky. Green coffee is considered as a wonderful ingredient in not only keeping our skin young but also in natural detoxification process. These unroasted coffee beans are excellent in improving our blood circulation. With better blood circulation, our health will be surely better as well.

Furthermore, its antioxidants is believed to be ten times better than the antioxidants contained in green tea, making green coffee famous to be utilised in beauty care products. By having powerful antioxidants, it can actively combat free radicals and prevent them from ruining our skin. Additionally, it also heals scar and helps cells to regenerate quickly. In the beauty industry, it has become the right ingredient to resolve skin imperfection.

Green coffee has been included as one of the ingredients in many antiaging and anti-cellulite creams for its ability to accelerate skin cells regeneration. For us women, it could be the perfect treatment to obtain a healthier, younger and prettier skin.

Because sometimes, to look awesome, what we need is simply natural products with the right ingredients… 🙂


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