Be Youthful with Few Excellent Steps

For women, the most important thing is to look fabulous and youthful. Unfortunately, after having reached certain age, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain healthy skin without any imperfection. Wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles around the eyes, dry skin and some other issues become annoying problems that exist on our skin.

When we notice these problems, it feels like a horrifying nightmare as it is very crucial for ladies to look as perfect as possible. However, worrying too much will not solve anything and actually, there are many natural ways to resolve these irritating issues. Let’s follow these few steps

First, we should sleep enough. Often we think that it is okay to sleep only few hours everyday to get the energy needed for our activities. But, the fact is, when we don’t sleep enough, we will feel stressful inside the body, mind and soul. Sleeping at the right amount keeps the youth in us as the youth hormone grows during sleep.

In addition, our skin also regenerates its cells when our body is resting. Many of us consider that sleeping 5 to 6 hours daily is enough. To tell the truth, we need around 8 hours to stay healthy and youthful as with 8 hours a day, body, mind and soul will become relaxed with no stress.

Second, consume more green vegetables and healthy fruits. Some don’t like vegetables and fruits and it is sometimes difficult to consume nutritious food as usually the less healthy ones taste better. Take as an example, green vegetables. To many people, it’s not likeable no matter how healthy green vegetables are. Often, we prefer something tastier.

When we eat a lot of green vegetables and healthy fruits, we actually help to protect our skin as they contain a lot of antioxidants that fight aging skin and beat it. By consuming them routinely, we also maintain a healthy and beautiful skin as green vegetables provide rich sources of folate, Vitamin A and C like (as in spinach and broccoli). Now, do we still consider that eating green vegetables takes too much effort?

Natural Oil

Third, believe in nature. Natural oils like olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are widely known for their potentials in giving health benefits to our skin.

Rich in antioxidants, incredible in moisturising dry skin and amazing in making the skin look wonderful, they are the secrets of the right path to beauty.

Not only the oils mentioned above, another oil called argan is also an excellent treat to the skin. This oil might not be too familiar to some of us. However, its fantastic ability for beauty protection has been proven by numerous researches. Originally from Morocco, it is also recognised as the “liquid gold” by New York Times for its miracle and lovely smell. UNESCO has also listed a huge area of argan growing region as a biosphere reserve.

The wonder of argan oil includes moisturising, brightening and rejuvenating our skin plus healing any inflammation, rashes and infection on it. These benefits come from the fact that argan oil contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. These precious sources in the oil has made argan one of the treasures of every beauty secret.

After learning these few tricks, becoming youthful doesn’t seem to be impossible again, does it? With excellent strategies, looking perfect can be as simple as counting one to three.

P.S. And last but not least, smile more as much as we can because it relaxes our face and prevents us from having too much stress and looking older than we really are 😉

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