Benefiting from a Magic Tea: Hibiscus (Roselle)

The plant named Roselle or also known with the name Hibiscus comes from West Africa. The flowers of the plant have the colour of reddish purple and they usually take half year to be mature. This dried sheaths later can be made into a tea product recognised as Rosella tea.


In addition to its original hometown, Roselle plant is also grown and consumed as herbal drink or herbal tea in other continents like Australia and America. Moreover, in my country Indonesia, this plant has been very famous since long time ago for its health benefits.

For people who desire to follow a healthy lifestyle, drinking Rosella tea is one of the answers. To start, it provides many kinds of vitamins and minerals to protect our health. It also contains flavonoids that have amazing antioxidants benefits and that can be an effective antidepressant too.

Furthermore, Rosella tea is also helpful in diet program and weight loss (from my own personal experience few years ago) and it aids to reduce cholesterols. Not only stopping there, this magic herbal drink also helps to protect our health from fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (including lowering high blood pressure).

To prepare this healthy drink, only simple steps are needed. First, we must buy dried hibiscus sheaths and wash them with clean water. After that, we heat necessary amount of water until it is boiled and then, we put some dried hibiscus into the hot water.

The amount and duration of placing the sheaths inside the water depend on how strong we want the tea to be. Normally, I prepare this herbal tea in at least 10-minute time and with five sheaths for one cup of Rosella or Hibiscus Tea. Some people prefer to add lemon or sugar into the tea. However, I personally never add anything and prefer the original taste.

*Moreover, from what I heard, I should add that this herbal drink is not recommended for pregnant women until they have professional consultation with doctors.

Whenever I went back to my country, dried hibiscus sheaths were always in my return luggage back to Italy. I simply think that these sheaths are too magical to skip. What about you? Have you ever seen the plant? Or maybe, have you ever tried the tea?


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  1. Janice Atkinson says:

    Very Interesting, I have done extensive research on some of these different teas and tried a few out myself. Some of them work, many don’t but here’s a good review that goes into more depth about the Rooibos tea if anyone is interested in learning more


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