Health Benefits of Consuming Papaya

When I was still living in Indonesia, it was very easy for me to get fresh papaya to eat daily. Not only it is available in any type of market, from traditional markets to modern supermarkets, the price of this fruit is also very affordable, as it is a tropical fruit that is common in Indonesia.

                However, in Italy, I really notice that not only it is difficult to find other tropical fruits to eat, it is even harder to find papaya. Additionally, it is also quite expensive when it is available in Italian supermarkets, a lot more than in Indonesia.

                Once, I saw that for a hundred grams of papaya, the price given for this fruit was around € 3.5. Usually in Indonesia, the price is no more than € 1 per kilogram of papaya. Nevertheless, I surely understand why it becomes expensive, simply as it is a tropical fruit and of course it is imported from tropical countries.

Fresh Papaya after it is cut

In my country, maybe I didn’t notice how valuable this fruit was. Maybe because it was too easy to get. Often people say that the harder it is to get something, the more valuable it feels when we get it. This is exactly what I feel now about papaya, since it is difficult to get in Italy.

                Furthermore, not only because of that, actually this fresh tropical fruit has many health benefits when it is consumed regularly, including:

  • Providing the nutrients needed such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, beta carotene and antioxidants (lycopene, usually found in tomatoes)
  • Improving our body immune system to prevent diseases like fever, cold and infection
  • Providing anti-inflammatory enzymes, which also help to prevent cancer
  • Maintaining good digestion system, since it contains a lot of fibre and water.
  • Helping to maintain bones health with its vitamin K and calcium
  • Helping to maintain eyes health with its vitamin A and beta carotene
  • Helping to maintain skin health with its antioxidant as anti-aging and vitamin E

In addition to its numerous health benefits to maintain a healthy lifestyle, fresh papaya has also sweet and great taste. This fruit is also good for an effective diet program for people who are in diet (based on my personal experience in the past).

And this is why, everytime I return to Indonesia, this becomes my daily fruit during the time I’m there for vacation, especially for breakfast. For me, this fruit is one of the right ways to healthy eating.


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