Tempeh: Indonesia’s Healthy and Tasty Alimentary Product

Everyone knows that soy is one of the healthiest alimentary products people can consume. Not only it is healthy, it is also tasty. Some people also consider that soy products, like tofu and soymilk for examples, are great options for vegetarians and vegans, as the substitutions for meat and milk.

Tofu itself has been used in many dishes as the replacement for meat. We can find dishes like tofu burger, tofu steak, tofu pie etc. Originally coming from Asian countries, tofu can be found easily in countries like China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries in East and Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, not only being present in its original countries, it has also become a common alimentary product in western countries, especially for vegans and vegetarians. However, do you know that there is another tasty product made of soy that you can try? Additionally, not only it is unique and different from tofu, it is also healthy and suitable for meat replacement.

The product that I am talking about is tempeh. Original from Indonesia (its home country), this soy product is firmer and chewier (tasting more like meat) than tofu, which is really soft and spongy. Even if tempeh has higher calories, this alimentary product is actually healthier since it is processed less than tofu and it contains more protein plus fibre.


Furthermore, tempeh also provides vitamin B, calcium, phosphor, antioxidants and necessary carbohydrate for our body. In brief, this soy product protects our health and gives us the energy that we need for our daily activities. Its health benefits are why tempeh is so popular in Indonesia, in addition to its delicious taste.

Tempeh in Indonesia can be found almost everywhere since it is one of Indonesian main food products. The price is also very affordable for everyone who wants to buy it. However, in Italy, where most people appreciate healthy food, it can be found only in organic food store like NaturaSì (as it is considered as a healthy product).

Yes, in Italy, tempeh is recognised as one of healthy alimentary products to eat. In addition, I should tell you that the price is different from Indonesia, as it can cost as much as meat price, at least €5 per 500 grams. Nevertheless, what will we not do to have a healthy eating lifestyle and to eat delicious food as well for bonus?

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