Wonderful Indonesia – Archipelago Composed of Only Beaches and Sea?

Indonesia is known as the country with so many islands, which are around more than 17 thousands in total. This country is a “heaven” for people who love beaches and sea, for people who love sunbathing, diving and surfing.

Everyone in the world recognises Indonesia’s beauty through Bali, already mentioned as the most beautiful island in Asia. When people mention Indonesia, the first thing that comes to their mind is always Bali. As an Indonesian, I am proud that we have the gorgeous island that satisfies every beach and sea lover.

However, Indonesia has more than Bali to offer to its visitors. From the west to the east, the country has uncountable outstanding places to visit. We have green destinations like forests and rice fields. We also have amazing mountains to climb for hiking lovers. We have unique places with unique creatures.

We have beautiful temples to discover for historical buildings enthusiasts. Moreover, of course we also have other sea and beaches, in addition to wonderful Bali. For example, we have the coral triangle area that will amaze everyone who joins our underwater exploration.

To be clearer about wonderful Indonesia, let us have a look at these magnificent photos that I have found displaying the images of some precious places I would really love to see in my life.


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Bali (The One I have Visited)

Rice Fields


Unique Places (with unique creatures)

Other Beaches (of course)

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Other Beauties

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Isn’t Indonesia Wonderful? Certainly, these are not all yet. With 17 thousands islands, it is hard to put all great destinations in one post. But I think, even if with few pics, they already make us want to explore all right?


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