Croquette – Yummy Potato Dish

Often it is very difficult to search recipes to cook everyday either for ourselves or for our family. There are so many recipes available online especially nowadays, with the development of technology.

However, we still sometimes feel cooking certain dishes takes time and it is quite hard for people who do not really like spending time in the kitchen since maybe they just want something tasty and fast to prepare, like myself.

Nevertheless, when we find the right dish that will rise our appetite, surely the thought of preparing it does not really bother us anymore, even if we are not really a good cook or a fan of cooking. For example, I always like dishes that include potato as the source of carbohydrate.

Potato is one of my most favourite ones and I am glad I decided to make a dish that contains it, croquette. It is not too difficult to make even if not too fast, but it is tasty and I can make varieties for the fillings. On this one, I decided to put simple but delicious fillings inside the croquettes like chicken sausages and parmesan cheese.

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It took only around an hour to make. First, I boiled the potatoes and then made them into mashed potatoes. Additionally, I added two egg yolks and enough salt into the mashed potatoes. For the fillings, I cut into pieces some chicken sausages and completed the ingredients with parmesan cheese to make it tastier.

After that, I put the fillings inside the mashed potatoes and I shaped them into “tube” forms. Now the last step before enjoying these delicious croquettes, I just needed to dip each inside egg white, roll them through dried breadcrumbs and fry them.

When they became yellowish brown enough, I knew they were ready to serve and taste. They were indeed simple but delicious.

What about you? What are your favourite recipes? 🙂

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