Italian’s Special Way of Eating

Italians usually eat in orderly way. During their meal time, they always have different steps of dishes, from  appetizers (antipasti), first course, second course and then in the end, yummy dessert.

  1. Appetizers (Antipasti) – It can include several hams, vegetables, cheese and lovely pies as can be seen below in the picture.


2. First Course – this part can includes rice dishes (risotto), pasta or sometimes the lighter version, soup with vegetables.

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3. Second Course – which includes dishes like steak with red or white meat. Not only, for people who prefer seafood, they can pick second course with fish or other types of seafood.

4. Dessert. And last but not least, Italians always close their meal with yummy dessert like cakes or something else, just to feel complete.


So, what do you think? Isn’t Italian way of eating interesting? Or, do you think it’s too much for one time meal? What I can tell you is, no matter this is usually what they prefer to eat, especially during special occasions, they can also prefer to eat light in normal days, with only first or second course and dessert (without any appetizers).


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