Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience

This is one of places that I’d like to visit one day. This is the destination where “fiction” becomes reality. Located in Indonesia, The Island of Komodo offers you something that you can’t find anywhere else, the opportunity to witness a real living “dragon”.

Yes, you heard me, dragon. Here, they are taken care and protected by Indonesians in their special habitat so that they wouldn’t extinct. However, interested visitors can make a visit to see this majestic creature in their home, the island of Komodo.

                Komodo is recognized as the largest living lizard, but they are also called as Komodo dragon. This could be for the fact that they actually look like a dragon. Their habitat, Komodo Island or known also as Komodo National Park, has been inscribed in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites since 1991.

Komodo dragon can reach length up to three metres and weight up to around eighty kilograms. They are carnivores of course and their bite is venomous. Nevertheless, even if the visit could sound very dangerous, this seems to be a very exciting one to make doesn’t it, considering that they are unique.

To make the tour around the national park, definitely a guide is needed to make sure everything go well. Additionally, not only seeing this gigantic lizard, here visitors are also able to do diving and certainly, the surrounding itself looks stunning to enjoy and relax.

For further info, you can see their official website at http://www.komodonationalpark.org/

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