The Idea of Not Supporting the Mid-Range Clothing Brands

I often hear about the idea that we’re not supposed to buy certain mid-range clothing brands because they actually exploit workers somewhere and these workers get paid at a very low income (more like slavery). Additionally, I also often hear that by not supporting these brands and not buying them, we’re helping these workers somehow because we stand by them.

Usually, some high-range clothing brands or some designers promote this idea. My opinion is, certainly they are right about improving low paid workers’ lives. We should help the workers who are unfortunately working hard just to get very little money. Nevertheless, how are we actually helping them (by stopping to buy the products they are making)?


I have several questions. First, by not buying the products (to show that we don’t support), do we actually help them to get better income, or will we make them lose their jobs completely (meaning not even little money for them to live).

Honestly, sometimes, we do notice that many mid-range brands have created so many jobs for many people. Meanwhile, expensive brands only pick certain people to be their employees.

Are we really sure that by stopping to buy the products of these mid-range brands, the companies will improve the workers’ income? Maybe they will, or maybe they will not as they will lose their profits when people stop buying their products.

The question is, what is the real result when people stop buying the products? Because, possibly, these low paid workers will have no income at all, in case these companies go bankrupt as nobody buys their products anymore. Will they surely have another job soon with better income to buy their needs? Or, will their lives get worse since they have no job and no money to buy anything.

Second, I’m also asking myself if all the people in this world could really afford buying expensive clothing brands. Many people also only have mid-range or low income and they can only buy mid-range clothing brands. If there are no mid-range brands, do we ever think that maybe in the end, only people from the upper class can buy new clothes since the others can’t afford to buy one?

I’m not encouraging anyone to have “shopping addiction” behaviour. However, let’s say that sometimes, people from mid or lower income class really need to buy new shirt (to go to work) or new shoes (since their shoes are already broken). Where should they buy any? Must they spend big part of their salary that they really need to survive living just to buy expensive brand since they have no other choice?

Surely, these are all just my questions. How can we really be sure that we are really helping people by stopping to buy mid-range clothing brands? Just to be clear, I’m certainly all in about helping to improve people’s lives and stopping “slavery” idea.

However, again, how much are we sure that the idea of not supporting and not buying means that we’re really helping them? Well, simply my two cents guys.

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