Pizza Quattro Formaggi – The Best Pizza Choice for Cheese Lovers

For people who love eating cheese, this pizza might be the best to pick. Not only filled with one or two types of Italian cheese, it uses four types in its ingredients. As you can see, its name Quattro Formaggi literally means four cheese types in English.

The cheese that the recipe uses include Italian stracchino, Gorgonzola, Fontina and mozzarella. However, sometimes it also uses Italian parmesan to replace the stracchino. Pizza Quattro Formaggi can be found in all Italian restaurants in Milan and I suppose in all cities in Italy on the restaurants’ menu.


4 cheese
Pizza 4 Formaggi in Milan

       Maybe it might seem quite heavy for people who are not really cheese lovers. Nevertheless, if you do love cheese as I do, then this is the right pizza for you.

Especially, when you eat it while it is still hot, you can really feel the cheese melting inside your mouth, which is very tasty.

Surely, the next step is to find the perfect restaurant or pizzeria (a special restaurant who offers mainly pizzas on the menu) who makes the pizza right as you do not want to eat pizza that tastes like rubber and not crusty enough.

In my case, I have found several favorite restaurants here in Milan and some favorite pizza flavors that I enjoy whenever I want to eat pizza. What about you? Do you have your favorite pizza spots to enjoy the pizza flavors you love most in your place there?

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