Marketing Strategies That Will Scare People

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Marketing strategies could go overboard just for desperation to increase sales and profits.

Sometimes, profit entities could do anything they consider possible to make their targets achieved.

As one of marketing and communication professionals, I could understand that. There’s nothing that can make us happier than increasing the profitability of what we’re working for.

However, it doesn’t mean that we should just do everything. From a customer’s perspective, there are some marketing strategies that I know would just bother and annoy customers and potential customers.

I mean, from my perspective as a customer of some products and services, there are things that I clearly don’t like when some profit entities are doing their marketing (to me).

In Online Marketing World

First, let’s talk from the side of online marketing. The first thing that I think would bother customers is sending too many newsletters and e-mails, like twice or more every single day. Yeah, some profit entities do that and even worse, few even keep sending newsletters no matter unsubscribe request has been submitted.

Back to the story, I know that I subscribe to your newsletters, but that doesn’t mean you can spam my inboxes only with your newsletters and e-mails many times a day. To me, newsletters frequency should be like twice or thrice a week maximally. Unless, you really have very important urgent news several times a day, which I’m sure is impossible.

Second, showing pop-ups on your website just to get new subscribers. It might be okay when it can be closed easily in one click. However, when you use pop-ups on your website that can’t be closed unless people subscribe or pop-ups that when people click to close just make a new advertisement page opened, this is what could make people decide to stop visiting your website ever again.

In Non-Online Marketing Strategies

                On the non-online side, you should never do some stuffs to increase your profitability and make potential customers annoyed. First, calling their mobile and home numbers several times a day when these potential customers don’t even know where you got their numbers from. If you seriously think this strategy could increase your sales, you’re wrong. They will just think that it is a type of terror to their phones or that you’re a scammer.

                Second, coming directly to people’s houses but when you ring their intercom, you don’t even have the guts to admit who you really are as you know they won’t open their doors for you. You just tell, “we’ve got important announcement for you” or mentioning your company’s common name as certain companies have the similar brand name but with better reputation than you. When you think that once you enter people’s houses you could convince them to buy, then you’re thinking it the wrong way, again.

These are my points of view as a customer and not as a marketing and communication professional. I know there are so many others there like me who don’t like the marketing strategies I mentioned above. Maybe, a small percentage of these customers would strangely buy something from you with these marketing strategies.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that the numbers are very small. So, do you really want to do effective marketing and increase your sales or, do you want to scare your potential customers?

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